History of the world: Part 1 The end of the beginning.

Tomb of Creation: “Created by the six elemental gods, Life, Death, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Each god blanked space with their domain, and spread their influence across the void With the Heavens always above, and Hells below, next was the Land with Skys all around and Seas within, Finally the Sun and the Stars beyond.”

Life started by making his home where it stood, and called it Heaven, so Death moved and made its home and called it Hell. Once set, Life and Death pushed Water, Fire , Earth and Air together to form the material plain. As the world took shape, the four elements became Gods of origin. Water pure and cleansing, Fire hungry and destructive, Earth fulling and firm and Air wild and ever changing. Life and Death would heid no worship or praise.

Tomb of the Creation: “Thus did Water and Fire stand oppose each other, as one destroys the other renewed, and so they shale exist forever in a state of eternal balanced and war.”
The Earth formed Land above the Hells and below the Heavens, and so the Air made the Sky to be joined with the Land always together. The land was incomplete and so Water added the Seas. The Skys went on forever so Fire began its plan to forever cleans the realm of Water and set the burning Sun a blase in the Sky. As the Seas began to boil, It begged Wind to aid it.“please protect me from the Fires Sun, and so the Wind took an offering from the Seas and produced Clouds and spread them across the Sky, but this was not enough. Earth decided to move away from the Sun. This angered Fire and in its rage, it spread Stars throughout space. The Book of the 9 Seas : _”No where in the Light are you safe"_ As Fire began to attack all, Fire erupted Volcanoes from the land, and Water rose up, weakened by the Sun, Water blead on the land to cool it. Water was gone and sadness settled over Fire, it cried at the lose of its enemy and best friend. Earth was scared and formed Mounties and Caves. Wind lamented Water and carried it away.
Life and Death did not care for the dispute of there siblings, and the first accord was struck. Life created Nature, and Nature created more life. " All things will live and all things will die". to which Death replied “No i will take only what i want” and un-life was born.

The Lands of shadow and night, Shavlorm a world full of men, monsters and magic. Now covered by a dim haze and absent has filled the the world. The world contentious, but unknown forces have brought old wars to light, and Life and Death seam to hold no sway over the material plain. Ages have past sense the Great accord, and Death has been silent. Life, worried for the world, looks to its children to restore balance.

The Haunted Lands