The Haunted Lands

The Taven of Switzerland
A Haven of life, there is no end

A four floor wooden building stands here, the windows are boarded up. A faint glimmer of purple periodically waves into sight around the building, It must be magicaly protected, but people can pass thought it without resistance.

First floor: there are 12 large round tables, each with 4 mugs and chairs to go with it.
the bar sits as the side next to a long hall way leading to the first floor rooms and the stairs to the upper floors. The Bar tender waits to be asked for a drink or a room for the night while he cleans a mug. “We always have room, we never seam to be able to fill them all up…. strange no?” he continues cleaning the mug. “if you need a room for the night you’ll be on the second floor, if you have friends with you you’ll be on the third floor, don’t go to the forth floor, it’s not set up yet”His eyes appear to be blank which matches his blank stare.

The bar maid paces back and forth carrying a tray with a large glass of ale and she is wearing a tight corset that is producing an ample amount of cleavage. “what can i get ya?”
she hands over food that was not original on the tray. She fills your mug from the pitcher with the drink you requested. “if you need anything else love just ask” she winks as she goes back to pacing the floor with the blank stair.

Drink: water 1cp / ale 2cp
Food: bread 2cp cooked / muttun 5cp
Room: 1cp per night or 1sp for a month

The Second Floor: All the rooms in this hallway are empty, your room key matches all the doors but all the rooms are vacant and set for a single occupant.

The Third Floor: All the rooms in this hallway are empty, your room key matches all the doors but all the rooms are vacant and set for the total number in your party.

Welcome to Truenecro's D&D MMO... twitch style
To get started you will need to inform me that you intend to play, and will need to make a character or ask for a pre-made.

You have questions, I have answeres.

Question: who can join?
Answer: Anyone and everyone

Question: How do you play?
Answer: The same way you normally play D&D, but with a time limit on how long you keep the story focused on you.

Question: Why are you doing this?
Answer: because i want to?

Question: Wait? where is the dungeon? where is the dragon?
Answer: …….

Question: but what about entering dungeons and fighting monsters with a party?
Answer: talk to others in the chat or discord, start a party with them, then go through the dungeon.

Till i can think of other questions that would be asked by more people or 3+ people ask the same question back to back this is it for now.

The back story of the world is here and the Npc’s will show up as you meet them. This place will be populated and run by you the player, ans a few npc’s for story.


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