Milk Lilac Fairy Queen

A devious fairy


Lilac Queen of the fairies
Thought many have seen her, those that did, did not know it was her they saw. Lilac disguise her self when she leaves the wood. “Humans are the most interesting things i have ever meet, and so much fun to play with.”


Witch? – Alignment ??? Evil – Height 22" /4’7 – weight 1lbs/68lbs – Deity Oh ba hi – Skin milk white/random – Hair Lilac or light lavender – Eyes right green left red/ right red left green(rumored)

in fairy form a ring on each leg and a Lilac sash around her waist, also always carrying two tiny bottles around like milk jugs. in human form brown or gray robes normally with her face concealed. Rumored to prance around nude in the company of males.


The Demons Flower, lay clam to all forests around the City of Green Blades. For the past 300 Years Lilac has committed atrocities, and spends much of her time behaving as a bridge troll on visitors to the area and those that wonder too far from home. Most notable was the massacre of a neighboring tribe of amazons to the north, The woods that grow there are mineral laden and exquisite when carved, but many that enter disappear, tales of a monsters have rumored the woods. Most recently She has had her kin nagging the wild nomads that moved into the marsh wood to the south. To the east The Night woods is her home. Forever night and forever hers.

“gold means nothing to me, I want something else… something… better.”

Milk Lilac Fairy Queen

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