Assassin King Kubran Drundum Stabdum XVI

A withered king with no kingdom


Kubran Drundum Stabdum XVI last in his linage due to the Curse of the Fairy Queen Milk Lilac, better known as The Demon’s Flower. Stabdum XVI can not sire children, and nearing the end of his youth, he seeks aid to restore the kingdom and continue his line.

Half Human/half ???
Noble level ? / Rogue level ? - Alignment Lawful Neutral - height 5’6" - Weight 110lbs
Deity agnostic - Skin Ebony black/brick red - Eyes White/dark blue - Hair tan/gray (roots are dark red)

wears the royal armor and bears family daggers at all times The Shadows Wing: shadow skin leather armor of concealment and flying. Deaths touch: Black dragon fang Assassins dagger of deaths death. Paint brush: Nelthiulm Assassin’s dagger of unknowable.
over the Leather armor is the kings Red and black robes, embroidered with the royal family crest
while the King walks freely around both in the castle and in the city, it is well known that no less then ten members of the shadow squad follow his every move and protect him from all threats and harm. Stories have been going around that there is a new sect of assassins in the kingdom that plan to murder the king at first opportunity.
there is rumored that before King Stabdum XV died he discovered Grand King Stabdum I’s hidden treasurer and hid it in the castle. It is also rumored that Grand King Stabdum I is still alive along with all his heirs and servants under the castle.


The once great lands of Green Blades was ruled by the clan Stabdum, named so for their first ruler Kubran Drundum Stabdum. The Stabdum assassin family started in 20,060-730 cycle of the 3rd beginning, after Kubran Stabdum Assassinated the The Vile King Nda-Nednab and usurped the lands under his rule. The Stabdum clan was well known for their many different types of daggers and assassin blades. Most well known it King Stabdum V’s Huge assassin’s dagger, larger then most tower shields, He managed to weld it easily, and managed to use it like a shield too. The most deadly of their blades are Deaths Touch, and Paint brush. No one out side the royal blood line can weld Death’s Touch less they die instantly or go insane. Its believed there is a demon sprite inside the weapon. Pain brush is the finest blade ever made, it can not be seen as the blades material is more translucent then glass and harder then adamantium, yet its lighter then a single bird feather. It has been known to cut simply from being pointed at a target.


Assassin King Kubran Drundum Stabdum XVI

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