The Haunted Lands

Welcome to Truenecro's D&D MMO... twitch style

To get started you will need to inform me that you intend to play, and will need to make a character or ask for a pre-made.

You have questions, I have answeres.

Question: who can join?
Answer: Anyone and everyone

Question: How do you play?
Answer: The same way you normally play D&D, but with a time limit on how long you keep the story focused on you.

Question: Why are you doing this?
Answer: because i want to?

Question: Wait? where is the dungeon? where is the dragon?
Answer: …….

Question: but what about entering dungeons and fighting monsters with a party?
Answer: talk to others in the chat or discord, start a party with them, then go through the dungeon.

Till i can think of other questions that would be asked by more people or 3+ people ask the same question back to back this is it for now.

The back story of the world is here and the Npc’s will show up as you meet them. This place will be populated and run by you the player, ans a few npc’s for story.



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